Lead The Investing Revolution

Here at Iris, we are building a community around social and transparent investing.

This means that you can follow your friends’ portfolios and trades in real-time and discuss why they’re trading what. Together we’re stronger, and we believe you should have an investing platform that supports collaboration.

Your passion for trading is important to this revolution, and we invite you to join our new Ambassador Program. As a leader in your investing community, you will help change the way people trade while receiving the perks you deserve.

As an ambassador, you will be:

- Awarded a $5 referral commission for every referral you bring to Iris

- Invited to join an exclusive Iris slack channel with exposure to top-level Iris management

- Entered into the “Employee Equity Pool” where you can gain equity in the company

- Given an “Ambassador” badge on the Iris platform

If you’re interested or have questions, shoot us an email at christopher@iris.finance with a quick note saying why you would like to be a part of the program.

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